American Dragon Jake Long
Eye Of The Beholder (76)
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Created by: Jeff Goode
Species: Arachne
Employment: Merchant[1]
Friends: Jake Long
Fu Dog
Lao Shi
Sara and Kara (The Oracle Twins)
Tooth Minions
Tooth Fairy
Trixie Carter
Arthur Spudinski
Nemesis: Eli Pandarus
Shade Demons
Councilor Chang
Dark Dragon
Biker Trolls
Eli's Ogres
Production Info
Portrayed by: Tara Strong[2][3]
First Appearance: Dragon Breath
Last Appearance: Hong Kong Nights

Veronica[4][5] is an Arachne who worked as a vendor in Magus Bazaar. As a friend of Fu Dog and his supplier for his potions, she is always willing to help him and Team Dragon.


Veronica is a vendor at Magus Bazaar who owns her own shop. As an old friend of Fu Dog, she supplies him with items needed for his potions while enjoying his flirting. She is introduced to Jake Long as a possible date for his school's dance until he was repulsed by her lower half body, which was her "eight hairy spider legs".

Later when Team Dragon needed help getting into Pandarus Island, Veronica accepted to enter the pageant Eli Pandarus was holding as Miss Magical New York City so that the team could travel incognito as her stylists. She met with them at the docks where they initiated the plan. After arriving at the island, Veronica was taken backstage where Jake and Lao Shi prepared her for the contest. Unfortunately, she tripped on her heels and ended up breaking one of her legs, forcing Fu Dog to enter the pageant dressed as a female dog. She was carried away on a stretcher by Eli Pandarus' two henchmen.[6]

She was later seen mingling in a Halloween Party that Jake hosted as a way to get break the barrier between magical creatures and humans for one night. She may have been invited by Fu Dog.[7]

One day, biker trolls came to Magus Bazaar and began to run rampant at her shop when she received a call from Fu Dog needing a delivery. After hearing she was in trouble, he raced to the flea market with Trixie and Spud disguised as the American Dragon to scare away the mountain trolls. Fu Dog joined her behind a cart to watch the scene. When Trixie insulted the troll's mother, she claimed that "Jake" should have known better than to make the insult. She stayed and watched the second encounter the "American Dragon" had with the mountain trolls.[8]

The last time she was seen was when she was recruited by Fu Dog and Jake to rescue Lao Shi from the Dark Dargon, being one of the few people to have been. She used her own spun web to entrap The Shades, rendering them immobile. As their final feat, she, Trixie, Spud, Sara and Kara, and Jake performed the "Lao Shi Lift Off", jettisoning the Dark Dragon into the air and to his presumed demise by the Tooth Fairy.[9]

Episode Appearances[]

Season One[]


  • Fu says her name as "V-V-Veronica" in a suggestive and flirtatious manner[1][6].
  • Interestingly enough, Veronica doesn’t seem to take offence to Fu Dogs behaviour, actually flirting with him too, albeit to a lesser extent.
  • Veronica is one of Fu Dog's many sources of intel from which he gets information from.
  • One time, Veronica is seen using spider webs and spinning silk[9].
  • Another time, when Jake, Fu Dog, and Lao Shi found Veronica and Fu said Jake might remember her, it was not until she stepped out from behind a crate to reveal her lower half that Jake's memory was jogged[6].
    • Later at the pageant, she fell while practicing her walk, claiming she "broke her leg". The joke behind this is she has multiple legs, so it was hard to distinguish which one was injured. Added to this, that moment spider is supported by an exoskeleton and has no internal skeleton, meaning that it would be very unlikely for her to break any bones.