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A female Werewolf

The Werewolf is a peculiar magical creature that is seldom seen in the series. One briefly appears in "Something Fishy This Way Comes" and two others in "Magic Enemy #1", both episodes taking place in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Werewolves are just like human beings, but with wolf traits. The one seen in "Something Fishy this Way Comes" has silver fur covering its entire body (although other colors, like brown, are later seen). It also has silver hair, a bushy tail, pointy ears, a long snout and sharp fangs. This Werewolf is also seen wearing a purple top with a pink skirt and black high heel shoes.


Possible werewolf in Season 1

Magical powers[]

Old Werewolf

No teeth = no bite

Since Werewolves are almost unseen in the entire series, not much is known about their powers and abilities. However, if taking the modern folklore of this creature as fact, the Werewolves in the series can certainly turn other creatures into Werewolves by biting them. However, a Werewolf who has lost its teeth will be unable to do so (as seen in "Magic Enemy #1").

Life in the Magical World[]

The Werewolves in the series are, interestingly, pure Werewolves in the sense that they do not have a regular human form. Indeed, the Werewolves seen go about their daily activities within the Magical Community in broad daylight as well as in the middle of the night. They are never seen taking human form. They also appear friendly towards other magical creatures and are not considered evil.


  • The Werewolf was first mentioned in "Dragon Summit" (Season 1);
  • Werewolves have a tendency of growling and dripping saliva at any given time;
  • A female Werewolf was interested in dating Lao Shi in "Something Fishy This Way Comes";
  • When upset, a Werewolf will howl.
  • A werewolf may have been shown in Season 1, however it has yet to be confirmed. In the episode "Fu Dog Takes a Walk" he hands a beagle to a magical creature and says, "What? He sheds less than you do."
  • The werewolf in Season 2 mentions liking long walks in the full moonlight, indicating that the myth of werewolves turning into their wolf-like form under a full moon, or at least growing more powerful, is true in the series.
  • In cryptozoology, eyewitnesses report seeing a menacing beast with dark hair, walking on its hind legs, and standing over 7 feet tall. The creature is said to kill with deadly fangs and razor-sharp claws. It has the strength to subdue animals as large as 1200 pounds. And it emits blood-curdling howls. Locals refer to the monster as the werewolf.[Quoted from MonsterQuest]
  • Jonathan Long was originally going to be revealed to be a werewolf had the show not been cancelled.