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Common Witches

A trio of Common Witches

Witches are magical humans that have the power to use magic. As of Season 2, it is revealed that many different kinds of Witches live in the magical realm. They first appear in the episode "Something Fishy This Way Comes" and a trio of them is even featured in the episode "Game On". Witches only appear in Season 2.


Witches are humanoid creatures that look like regular humans, except for certain characteristics. Different types of Witches exist, so not all of them look alike.

Common Witch[]

The Common Witch is particular in that she's not repulsive or old like the stereotypical Witch. She looks like an absolutely normal woman, the only difference being that she possesses magical powers. Young Witches are particularly beautiful and attractive. They most often wear dresses or skirts with capes. The Common Witch is also seen as a modern Witch.

Witches of Woodstock[]

The Witches of Woodstock are a trio of Common Witches that live on a secret island on the Hudson River. The three women that compose this group are Annika, Monica and Bubonica, and only appear in "Game On".

Double-Faced Witch[]

Double Faced Witch

This particular Witch has the particularity of having two sides of her face completely different from each other. The division usually occurs vertically right in the middle of the Witch's face. One side will be perfectly normal, with a peach colored and flawless skin. The other side, however, will be incredibly repulsive. Green, wrinkly and covered in warts, it is the complete opposite of the Witch's natural face.

The only Double-Faced Witch in the series is called Winnifred and first appears in "Furious Jealousy" (Season 2). She wears a long purple dress with a matching pointy hat and Witch-like accessories (a skull earring, for example). She never makes another appearance in the series.



The Hag is an incredibly repulsive Witch. She will most often appear as a short old lady with pale skin and a deformed face. She has a long and crooked nose, grey hair, only one tooth, and wrinkles all over her face. She will often slouch, giving others the impression she has a bump in her back. She will often wear a long-sleeved top with a long skirt, high heel boots and a hood.

This Witch first appears in "Something Fishy This Way Comes" and makes a few cameo appearances in the rest of the series.

Magical Powers[]

Although they are rarely seen doing so, Witches have the ability to cast hexes and spells on other creatures or objects (like an audio illusion spell, which will give bushes or other items the illusion of speech, as seen in "Game On",or a telekinesis spell{the ability to move people and objects with ones mind). They are experts in brewing potions and know more than anyone on magical tools and artifacts. They can use magic without the need of a wand.

It is currently unknown if Witches have the ability to fly in the series, but they most likely do not travel via broom.

Life in the Magical World[]

Unlike popular belief, Witches are not inherently evil. Most of them have jobs like other magical creatures do (like tending a shop for instance), and some even act the complete opposite of the stereotypical Witch, being nice and kind rather than cruel and mean.


  • The male counterpart of the Witch is the Wizard;
  • Jake describes Witches as ugly, scraggly-haired, and hippie-like in "Game On";
  • In "Family Business" (Season 2), Jake's test of trust for Dragon training involves a pool filled with the pus of one thousand Witches' warts;