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A group of Wizards

Wizards (or Sorcerers) are magical humans that have the ability to use magic. They first appear in Season 1 in the episode "The Heist" and make recurring appearances throughout the rest of the series.

Physical Appearance[]

Wizards look like perfectly normal human beings. They are most often seen wearing modern clothes, such as shirts, pants, or suits, with the addition of a cape. They can also wear robes with a matching pointy hat. Their hair will also be combed in a modern hairstyle, although there are exceptions to this.

Magical Powers[]

WIzard Magic

A cloaked Wizard moving items around

Wizards have the ability to cast spells on objects as well as on human creatures (like a transformation spell for instance, which can turn someone into a frog or something else entirely). Wizards can also teleport to anywhere they wish, as long as they have enough power to do so. Some are even shown with the ability to summon other magical creatures as reinforcements, mainly Ogres.

Wizards mostly rely on their wands to cast spells, although it is not mandatory.

Life in the Magical World[]

Because Wizards are so close to normal human beings, they can live both in the magical and human realm. They can go about and get involved in everyday normal activities, such as attending school or working in the stock exchange business. Most often, a Wizard's goal will be to train up until they are the most powerful they can become.

Known Wizards[]


Pandarus in Season 2

Throughout the series, only two Wizards are introduced as recurring characters.

The first is Eli Pandarus, an antagonist in the series that first appears in "The Heist". In that episode, he is responsible for stealing a pot of gold from a clan of Leprechauns. He also appears in "Eye of the Beholder" where he hosts a beauty pageant with the nefarious purpose of marrying the fairest woman of them all to become the most powerful Wizard on Earth. He returns in Season 2 during the episode "A Befuddled Mind" where he uses Spud to uncover the secrets of a magical artifact called Pandora's Box. He is never seen afterwards.but might return.

Nigel Cloak

The second Wizard introduced in the series is Nigel Thrall. He makes his debut in "Supernatural Tuesday" (Season 2) as a teenage exchange student at Fillmore Middle School. He first comes out as a rival to Jake, but soon becomes an ally following an encounter with an oversized Ogre they are both forced to fight. He makes another appearance in "Furious Jealousy", although he no longer holds an important role in the series like he previously did.


  • The female counterpart of the Wizard is the Witch;
  • A Wizard's wand is unique to its user. They can also possess two wands at a time;
  • Oddly enough, the two Wizards featured in the series both have a British accent (although Nigel's is far more pronounced than Eli Pandarus');
  • When casting a spell orally, Wizards talk in rhyme.