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World Dragons are a collective position and role certain dragons are given to act as protectors of the Magical Community in various corners of the globe, generally apportioned by countries in which they live. They are governed by the Dragon Council[1] and serve The Order of The Dragon.

Currently Known Dragons[]



Jacob "Jake" Luke Long is the first and official American Dragon. He appears as a Chinese American teen who lives in New York City as its Magical Protector.


Haley Long is being groomed by mentor and master Sun Park, a former world dragon herself, as the substitute American Dragon, ready to take Jake's place as the need arises[2].


Char 35881

The Australian Dragon is called Fred Nerk. He was Jake's opponent in "Dragon Summit" and that was the only time he was shown in the show.


Lao Shi Season 2

Lao Shi (Season 2)

Luong Lao Shi is Jake Long's grandfather and trainer. He was the official Chinese Dragon until he moved to Manhattan, New York with his daughter Susan Long.


Being Human (34)

Sun Park

Sun Park is Haley's Dragon Master. She is revealed to be Korean Dragon.


Egyptian Dragon 1

The Egyptian Dragon is the dragon in charge of the Egyptian magical community. She only appeared in "Dragon Summit" and only appeared in human form. Her dragon form is still unknown, as is her actual name


Indian Dragon 1

The Indian Dragon is the dragon in charge of India's magical community. She appeared in Dragon Summit, but that was the only time she was seen, and like the Egyptian Dragon, her dragon form was never revealed, nor was her real name.



The Japanese Dragon appeared in The Hong Kong Longs. He is one of dragon council members and the first dragon who saved Japan. He wields two swords.


Russian Dragon 3

The Russian Dragon is the protector of the Russian Magical Community. He only appeared in Dragon Summit and his dragon form was never seen.


Scottish Dragon 1

The Scottish Dragon is the dragon in charge of the magical community in Scotland. He made an appearance in Dragon Summit, and like the Egyptian and Indian dragons, never appeared in another episode, his dragon form wasn't revealed, nor was his real name.


Lao Shi Season 2

Lao Shi (Season 2)

Luong Lao Shi  was the official Chinese Dragon until he moved to Manhattan, New York with his daughter Susan Long.

Councilor Andam

Councilor Andam is a former World Dragon and was the protector of Africa, who now serves as a member of the Dragon Council.

Councilor Kukulkhan

Councilor Kukulkhan is a member of the Dragon Council and a former World Dragon. He was formerly the Central American Dragon.


Councilor Omina is the dragon of Atlantis, and a former World Dragon.


An Asian Dragon[]

Japanese Dragon II 1

An unspecified Asian Dragon[1], apparently the dragon protector or apprentice of an unnamed Magical community somewhere in the Asian Sphere.

Dark Dragon[]

Main article: Dark Dragon
While not a Council-appointed World Dragon, upon deciding to become evil, the individual known only as "The Dark Dragon" is the only dragon to have claimed the entire world as his domain. With the stated goal of destroying the Dragon Council[3], and seizing control of magical communities of the entire world as part of his plan to destroy humanity[4], he is arguably the only "true" World Dragon.

His current location is another dimension where he should remain trapped for the next thousand years[4].


  • Most of the Dragon Council members appear to be former World Dragons themselves, implying that a qualification to become councilor is to first be a World Dragon.
  • In "Being Human" Haley stands up for Jake and states, "HEY! When was the last time either of you were the American Dragon?! Well, as the little troll girl currently filling the position, let me tell you it's stinkin' hard! I can't imagine it doing it two more days, let alone two more years!", with Jake being 13 when he started training (14 in the episode), it is implied that a dragon only has the obligation until they are 16.


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