American Dragon Jake Long

Year of the Jake
Year of Jake
Season: 2
Production code: 224
Written by:
Vince Cheung & Ben Montanio
Directed by:
Nicholas Filippi
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
February 18, 2007
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"Year of the Jake" is the fortieth episode of American Dragon: Jake Long.


Out of touch with his Chinese heritage and unwilling to participate in the festivities, Jake volunteers to watch his grandpa's shop while he's off doing his own holiday traditions. Jake's ignorance of Chinese culture soon shows its dangers when he inadvertently curses the magical shop with bad luck, causing a series of escalating calamities, including the releasing of three evil demons that wreak havoc on the city. While Trixie and Spud break the curse, Jake battles the demons and with the unwitting help of his father, defeats them.


Jake was slepping in his bed, but suddenly he s got scared by his father, dressed in dragon costume. Haley told him, that he cried like a girl and smiled later. Lao shi and Jake s parents said him something is chinese, that Jake didn t understand and asked about it. Jake s grandpa told it means "Celebrate chinese new year" and remainded Jake about chinese new year, that the celebrate every year.

Later we see Haley, posing in her mother s front, being in her dragon form, but she must be drunk too much juice this morning and she s started to dancing, trying to wait until Susan finishs steching of dragon costum. Susan asked Haly stand still for her and Haley told her that she is enjoying parede for chinese new year too much or she overdrank the juice. Suddenly their father comes and Haley s transformed back, untit to be seen.


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